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[Restricted Support]

Technology Partner

Business + Sales
Technology Angel

$ 10,000
$ 8,000
$ 12,000
$ 10,000
$ 16,000
Month by Month
24 Months
Month by Month
24 Months
Month by Month
5 %
15 %
20 %

Beautiful website developed until you are happy with it.

You provide brand artifacts or purchase a Brand Pack.

Maintenance and support on this package will likely get messy and annoying for us both.

I really don't want to count hours with you as I think it will produce a worse result for both of us and introduce friction in our relationship.

I wouldn't offer this to anyone else and I hope you don't take me up on it :-)


Strong support with self-sufficiency required:

Beautiful website developed until you are happy with it.

Collaborative Brand design included (Normally +$10k)

This will get you up and running depending on how quickly you learn the technology.

Limited NEIS support.

Ongoing limited business and technology advice.

Significantly less hands-on assistance and training than our Angel package.

Coast Culture's Most Luxury Package:

Start your business with peace of mind in knowing that I am available to educate you in business technology and help you solve problems as they arise.

This is essentially a partnership without being officially a partnership.

You get a $200K p/a  Business Technology Consultant with 20 years of experience in large commercial operations who is obsessed with Lindi's art and available to patiently guide and assist you through any issues you face and help you grow your business.

All you brother. 

I believe in you.
NEIS Assistant:
1 Hour Consultation per NEIS section
1 Hour Tech Support per NEIS week
NEIS Sherpa:
Assistance as needed to complete NEIS
Basic Word and Excel training
Tech Training as needed
Collaborative writing sessions
My next month becomes about your NEIS

4 Hours Training and Support per month.

Website related support requests only.
Business Technology Advice:
Regular discussion and advice
Tech Support on-call  [when possible]
Manufacturer integration advice
Software selection and configuration [advice]
Unlimited Business Technology Assistance:
Regular discussion and advice
Tech Support on-call [when possible]
Manufacturer integration facilitation
Software selection and configuration
Graphics Editing Training and Support
Hands-on, personalised technology training
Custom website designed with your input.
Collaborative Content Writing  (Website Text)
Collaborative Imagery Selection [ Licensed ]
Sections: Home, Gallery, About + 5 more
Inventory Management  (Qty / Product)
Payment Gateway with Bank Integration
Orders to manufacturer via email  (Auto)
Mailing List Subscription
Contact Form
Ultra Fast Web Server 
Carbon Neutral
Component Updates
Security Maintenance
Ongoing Quality Assurance  [ Testing ]
Client Provides Branding:

Purchase a Brand Pack [$10,000]
Collaborative Brand Design:
We work with you to design bespoke branding.

Includes:  Logos, Fonts, Colours

Unlimited changes until website is Live.
Collaborative Brand Design:
We work with you to design bespoke branding.

Includes: Logo, Fonts, Colours

Unlimited changes - Ongoing

4 Hours training

Then - Self Managed
We train you in your regular website business activities until you are comfortable:
Adding New Products
Managing Inventory
Updating Product Descriptions
We train you in your regular business activities until you are comfortable:
Adding New Products
Managing Inventory
Updating Product Descriptions
Changes made to website as needed / requested.
Self Managed
Self Managed
We maintain your Google Business Profile
Monthly Posts to increase relevancy
Review Monitoring
Review response assistance
Digital Marketing designed, managed and funded to meet agreed upon sales targets
Google Ad Words
Facebook Marketing
Instagram Marketing
Training - 10 Hours
Help you arrange a bookkeeper if needed
Facebook | Instagram
Social Media Strategy Design

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Once enrolled in a package, clients may upgrade to a higher service package if further assistance is needed.
  2. 50 % of Initial Costs will be refunded if the website is unable to be delivered within a 6 month period.
  3. 24 Month Contracts:  Should the client wish to exit a contracted Sales % compensation arrangement, they may do so after the initial 6 months by buying out the remainder of the contracted period.
    [COST: Average Monthly sales(rolling 3 month mean) * Contracted Sales% * Number of months remaining]. 
  4. Upon completion of a contracted period, ongoing service arrangements and compensation rates will be renegotiated.
  5. Should a client wish to exit a service arrangement with Coast Culture, the client will be given access to the site and may either choose to continue with a hosting package and self-manage their site or arrange transfer of the site to alternative hosting and management (This will necessitate licensing of any 3rd party technology and imagery used in the construction of the site).
  6. All prices are stated excluding GST.